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Tony Fong

Tony Fong is a co-founder, director and benefactor of NDF. Tony is a successful entrepreneur with businesses in the retail and management industries.


In his journey to become a entrepreneur, Tony received a lot of help from others along the way. It was these selfless individuals who inspired him to become a philanthropist himself with an interest in education and assisting disadvantaged and disproportionately impacted persons.


His personal philanthropy includes donating toys to various organizations including The Marine Toys for Tots program in Pasadena. Tony has also made monetary donations to educational institutions including Cal Poly Pomona and Pasadena Community College.

Tony also participated in, supported and furthered the social equity movement in the City of Los Angeles. He was involved in and supported the California Minority Alliance which was instrumental in implementing cannabis social equity programs in Los Angeles.

Alwin La Pietra

Alwin La Pietra serves on the Board of Directors for NDF. Mr. La Pietra brings valuable experience in business and non-profit work to the Foundation.


He currently serves as the CEO of La Pietra Foundation (“LPF”), a non-profit organization providing grants to organizations supporting foster children and animal welfare, and scholarships to foster children. LPF works with and supports several non-profit organizations including Raise a Child in Hollywood, the San Diego Housing Federation, Foster Forward in Rhode Island, Blessed Sacraments School Jesuit Preparatory School in Hollywood, and Sante D’Or Foundation in Los Feliz.


Mr. La Pietra’s passion for supporting foster children stems from his upbringing. He himself was a foster child and was adopted by his father, who was a foster child as well. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and then attended California Institute of Technology. Mr. La Pietra left CalTech early to pursue careers in computer programming, finance, and real estate.


He currently manages and operates LPF while also managing financial investments and real estate holdings.

Leonard Wang

Leonard Wang is also a co-founder, director and benefactor of NDF. Leonard came to appreciate philanthropy through his business relations and friendship with Tony. Tony and Leonard are co-owners of several businesses and their successful partnership led them to create NDF as a vehicle for their combined philanthropy.

Leonard has been a strong supporter for furthering the education of children, especially those in need and with special needs. For the past two and half years, Leonard has volunteered at the La Pietra Foundation helping review and process grant and scholarship applications. He will use his non-profit experience to establish review procedures and standards for applications for donations and/or grants.

Jayan Hong

Jayan Hong, Varda’s Community Relations Co-Director, serves as the CEO of NDF.


Mr. Hong is a Los Angeles area attorney specializing in criminal defense and juvenile law. He began his legal career pursuing his passion of helping those in need by working for the Public Defender’s Office representing indigent individuals and children charged with crimes.


After working in the public sector, Mr. Hong started his own law practice in Los Angeles. Mr. Hong previously served as a member of the Advisory Board of Korean American Coalition; and has been an active member of the community.


Mr. Hong is excited and eager to work with other organizations, agencies and groups that support children and disadvantaged and underprivileged persons.

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